Crime Prevention Ottawa has been working collaboratively with partner agencies to address street violence in the city. The Ottawa Street Violence and Gang Strategy (OSVGS) seeks to address both the root causes that lead to street-level violence as well as the immediate trauma of violent incidents. These root causes include poverty, trauma, marginalization, racism and the global drug trade. Individuals involved in street-level violence are for the most part young men who grew up in poverty and experienced marginalization and racism. There are many needs that must be addressed to achieve systemic change.  We have also been working to change the way that we build a common understanding about these issues through our collaborative discussions about messaging.  The OSVGS is a collective impact strategy which is evaluated then refreshed, every three years.

This time, CPO has retained Hefid Solutions and its partner, CTlabs to develop this collective impact strategy.

To learn more about preventing crime in your neighbourhood please visit: https://www.crimepreventionottawa.ca/